Spring is here, finally! It’s time for the gloom and stress to melt away. When nature starts coming back to life, it’s our cue that we have an abundance of new activities to chase the winter blues away.

For activities, this list encourages a spring filled with joyous activities to relieve all your stress and tension.

Stress relieving spring picnic

1. Go for a Picnic and Cloud Gaze

For many of us, winter’s cold and unfavorable weather had us cooped up indoors. Whether it’s a picnic for one or four, a picnic is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal while watching nature’s beauty unfold. After eating and you feel stuffed, you can spread out on your blanket and watch the clouds float by.

close up of shoes before going on a stress relieving walk on a spring day

2. Take a Stroll or Jog through the Park

Spring has its fair share of beautiful and rainy days. During refreshingly misty rains you can go for a stroll or a jog and feel rejuvenated. When it’s not raining, you’ll be able to take in the scents of freshly cut grass and awakening flowers. You’ll be able to appreciate all the magnificent sights and sounds that are experienced only during springtime.

spring stress relief found at the farmer's market

3. Farmer’s Markets

You have to go grocery shopping, so why not do it in a way that encourages the senses? You’ll be able to appreciate the vibrant hues and fragrance of tasty, nutritious locally sourced produce. While languidly strolling during the afternoon at a farmer’s market, you may even spot a familiar face or two while you build new relationships along the way.

art sculpture in green trees

4. Festivals Season Begins

Your inner foodie can enjoy a food festival filled with delicious surprises around every corner. Art lovers can rejoice while enjoying a buffet of fine art, literature, film, theater, dance, and music. If you are looking for an outdoor experience full of great music, then rejoice! When the spring rolls in so do music festivals.

blue car and meal

5. Drive-In theaters and Tourist Attractions

You can take advantage of the good weather by indulging in oddities like a two-story outhouse or treasures like national parks. Or why not go for something a little more nostalgic by visiting the drive-in. You can watch the latest movies or cult classics with the windows down while eating a cheesy pretzel and popcorn.

spring cleaning with window open

6. Spring Cleaning with the Windows Open

Cleaning may not sound like the most fun activity on this list, but it can be downright refreshing. Open up a window and let in the fresh air. You’ll be delighted to say goodbye to stagnant winter air. Crank up your favorite songs and dance with a mop while wiping winter’s dust away.

soccer field close up

7. Sports Events

Crack that ball and slide on over to home, it’s time for baseball and softball! Or maybe you’re ready to work on your stroke in golf or swimming. Perhaps it’s time to sport cleats and send a soccer ball whizzing past a goalie. If playing isn’t your speed, then you can always enjoy cheering on your favorite team or player.

dog with glasses prop

8. Outdoor Photos Props and Games

Grab some photo props and start blowing some bubbles. Have family or friends rotate taking pictures for some goofy fun and long-lasting memories. Looking for something you can do alone or in a group? Try this. Grab a photo of the outdoors. Walk around and see how many items you can spot that is within the picture.

woman reading outside

9. Outdoor Reading

Pull out the hammock and dust it off. Setup your outdoor furniture or find a big beautiful tree. Enjoy a freshly brewed matcha and grab a book. Enjoy reading your favorite fiction or non-fiction while the rays of sunshine are pleasant.

a card that has a cut out picture of a globe

10. Geo-caching

Geo-caching is a more high tech version of a treasure hunt. You’ll need a handheld GPS or a smartphone to type in coordinates. The coordinates will lead you to geocache containers of various sizes. There are multiple degrees of difficulty in finding a geocache. When you find a treasure, you leave a treasure in return. This activity can be done alone or in a group.

From very peaceful, to rugged, odd, or cleansing, spring has many activities that you can enjoy no matter whether you solo it or do it as a group. Enjoy what spring as to offer as the flowers are in bloom, and the grass is finally greener.