Every year summer comes around, with promises of excellent weather and vacation time. But, what do you do when coming up with ideas for summer plans are overwhelming you, your vacation is over, or your staycation is proving to be a tedious chore? Your summer doesn’t have to be stressful or mind-numbingly dull. Try all ten or one summer stress reliever when the days are long, tedious, and endless.

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Create Your Summertime Getaway

A faux palm tree on a beach is a joyful summer stress reliever.

You can string up lights, put out a table and chair, put up a light-up palm on a deck or balcony and add other fun details to create a summertime getaway. Whether it’s day or night, you can enjoy refreshing foods and drinks, make some crafts, invite some friends over and have a few laughs, and add a hammock for a place to nap throughout the summer.

Do Outdoors Arts and Crafts

Enjoy a  cute rock wearing sunglasses at the beach.

Make a tic-tac-toe board that you can enjoy year-round. Try your hand at sun prints, an activity that uses paper or fabric treated in a light-sensitive solution and found objects, like leaves, that create designs when left in the sun (Hallmark has a great tutorial). You could make a painted rock garden, windchimes, a walking stick, or make paper palms for a summertime getaway. All these crafts are great alone or in a group.

Water Exercises and Sports

A paddle board in open water.

Can you think of a better activity in the summer where you can cool off and chill out at the same time? It doesn’t get much better than going for a swim or a dip. Looking for something more exciting? Why not attempt paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga) or water basketball. Are you looking for low impact exercise? Why not give water aerobics or aqua jogging a spin. You’ll stay cool, get relaxed, and have fun.

Exploring, Long Hikes, and Leisurely Walks

Trees lining a trail. A walk or hike can be a great summer stress reliever.

Whether you tread a little off the beaten path or to parts previously unknown, explore your local area whether it’s a city, the country, or something in between. Go for long hikes to get some peace from technology and observe nature. Unwind with a walk without a destination, without a goal.

Camping, Tubing, and Kayaking

Kayaking on a summer's day is a wonderful summer stress reliever.

Bust out the camping gear, blow up an inflatable tube, and break out the kayak. Celebrate the summer by getting away from all the hustle and bustle by reconnecting with nature. You can go on an adventure, and center yourself during the days. And stargaze at night. When you feel a little too hot, you can take a lazy ride in an intertube — feeling active? Try paddling your kayak, because it’s low-impact while being mentally and emotionally soothing.

Join Clubs and Meet New People

A group of smiling women. Join a club or meet new people this summer as a stress reliever.

By joining new clubs, you can try out new activities that may have never crossed your mind before. If the events aren’t new to you, then that’s fine because you’re meeting new people, hearing new stories, learning new things, and have fun, stress-free events to look forward to doing this summer. Try Meetup.com to find groups near you.

Treat Yourself to Summer Treats

A colorful snow cone, can be a amazing treat to relieve stress this summer.

Make an activity of it by going to a farmer’s market and get some refreshing blueberries, strawberries, and melons. Or go for the ubiquitous ice cream, snow cones, and slushies. Make some refreshing drinks like an Arnold Palmer with a splash of grenadine, a citrus smoothie, or a frozen cocktail.

Jokes and Funny Videos

A colorful smiley face on sidewalk.

Laughter and good company are revitalizing. Send a text, invite company over, tell some jokes, and have some laughs. You could even make a good-natured practical joke on someone that will enjoy it — not feeling particularly friendly? No problem. Find a shaded spot outside or beat the heat by finding a comfy place inside and start watching some hilarious videos as a simple summer stress reliever.

Fairs, Art Shows, Craft Shows, and Festivals

A colorful Ferris wheel. Visit a fair, show, or festival for summer stress relief.

How about relaxing by enjoying a street fair, an agricultural fair, or a renaissance fair. Visit an art show or a craft show and find something fabulous to take home. It’s the festival season. Time to enjoy good music, entertaining film, or outdoor plays. If you’re in the US, find an event near you at fairsandfestivals.net. Click on your state to get an updated list.

Aquarium, Planetarium, or a Museum

Swimming fish in an aquarium.

Anyone of these is enjoyable on scorching hot or stormy. Be transported to another world with exhibits about sea life and other animals that thrive in or near water. If you visit a Planetarium, you can learn more about the night sky and space. Try going to a museum and if you aren’t a fan of natural history museums, no problem. There are museums for wax figures, technology, design, medical education, textiles, and toys, to name a few.

Give a Summer Stress Reliever a Try

A beautiful summer sky can be a summer stress reliever.

Summer and stress don’t have to go hand-in-hand. Use this guide as inspiration to brighten up your summer days and nights. No longer do you have to grip your hair in frustration and shout out, “Summer stresses me out! What do I do?”

Ten stress relieving activities for summer
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