Three Easy Stress Hacks

You read that right, 3 easy stress hacks. It’s super embarrassing how easy these stress hacks are and how few of us take the time to practice them!  Let’s dive right into 3 easy stress hacks that are so simple they are often overlooked!



It’s no secret that sleep is an essential habit. Sleeplessness is an indicator that stressful thought patterns have a hold on you.  Lack of sleep can cause stress to skyrocket. Restful sleep minimizes the pressure generated by stress.  Here are some ideas for inducing sleep.

  • Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

  • Create a Bedroom Oasis

  • Decorate Your Room with Soothing Textiles and Materials

  • Try Deep Sleep Hypnosis

2.  Relax

Try making relaxation a priority, and you’ll notice how your stress begins to melt away.  Relaxation could mean spending some much needed alone time if you’re an introvert. If you’re an extrovert, your idea of recharging could mean getting together with friends or family. Ambiverts may enjoy some time alone or some spent within a group.  Here are some great ideas for reminding you that you are a priority.

  • Make Self-care a Priority

  • Try Dinner or a Night Out

  • Try Journaling or Meditation

  • Be Active

3. Saying No

Sometimes, you absolutely have to find the guts to say no. Life can be so busy that the stress does pile-up and up. When this happens, it’s time to lessen your commitments. It’s way too easy to over commit and saying no is the vital skill in the art of stress relief.

  • Establish your boundaries

  • Stick to your boundaries

  • Practice saying No on Yourself

  • Delegate tasks to capable folks

Easy Stress Hacks Wrap-up

And there you have it three insanely easy hacks for reducing stress. These tips prove that simple in no way means overrated.  Go out there and try them for yourself!

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