Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur, side hustler, solopreneur, or any other label it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you can find yourself trapped within the stages of business burnout.

Image of 7 stages of business burnout

The potential for chronic stress to turn into burnout is real.

When stress becomes more entrenched, it begins to take over your mental, emotional, and physical health (mayoclinic.org). Having extreme troubles in those categories can spell doom for your business.


You may have heard that prevention is vital. Taking preventative measures is necessary. But, how do you spot the beginning stages of burnout before business burnout entirely takes control over you?


Take the quiz at the end to see where you are on the downward spiral of burnout.


1. Lack of Motivation


Most days you don’t feel up to working.
You might not even feel like getting up out of bed and starting the day.
The hours where you work are growing shorter and infrequent.


2. You don’t feel well


You find yourself feeling physically sick more than what is typical for you.
Moody and irritable are ways to describe your emotional state.
Your mind is often foggy, and you find it difficult to think.


3. Mistakes aren’t occasional anymore


No longer do you find yourself working on work-related tasks.
You cut corners so often that your work is sloppy.
Your productivity is so bad that you have no choice but to rush and not look back.


4. You find accidental injury is commonplace


You aren’t practicing workplace safety.
The tasks you do are done mindlessly.
You are rushing to complete tasks.


5. Lethargy settles in


The joy in your work is gone.
You are always tired and struggle to get to work.
There are plenty of reasons for you to do nothing productive.


6. Isolation is becoming normal


Networking or keeping up with your industry is no longer a priority for you.
You are ignoring the people in your life to keep up with work.
You are alone for most hours and days within the week.


7. Your business no longer feels important or fulfilling


You are hardly spending any time working.
Often you don’t find yourself caring about the future of your business.
More often than not you feel like calling the quits.


Take the quiz and find out where you are within the real stages of business burnout.