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The #1 Writing Tool



Your business will benefit from Grammarly. Find out the buzz behind what Grammarly is, what it does, and why you need to hurry and incorporate it.

Grammarly is a proofreading grammar check software, and if you ask me, it’s software gold. This writing tool is excellent for your business (there isn’t a business out there that doesn’t use writing in some capacity) because it’s one of the few tools whose value can straddle the work/home balance by being time-saving and applicable for more than business. I love this tool, and I’ll explain why later.


Bad grammar is unprofessional and destroys your business opportunities before you even say hello in person.

All business have necessary expenses. You can’t successfully run your business without making investments in software, education, or products. I’m no different. I already had software I needed to purchase for my marketing services. I wasn’t keen on making any additional purchases. But, for blogging and marketing, I need an excellent proofreading tool. Bad grammar makes you appear unprofessional and at times can be the difference between launching a success or a dud.


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Here’s a real-life example as to why you should value great grammar for your business.

Back when I was a student, my parents and their business partner decided to write up fliers for their new laundry product. They began circulating stacks of handouts. One pile ended up at a local store where my friend worked. Within a week after the flyers arrived my friend contacted me. I’m sure by now you know why. It wasn’t about the product, but the horrible spelling and grammar errors. Not one of my parents or their business partner thought to use proofreading. At this point, you are correct in assuming the flyers generated next to no interest in the product. This situation was an embarrassing and costly mistake that was easily avoidable.

Products and Platforms

  • Online EditorNative App for macOS and Windows
  • Add-on forMS Office
  • Browser Extensions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge)
  • Keyboard for iOS and Android
  • A handbook explaining English grammar and style
  • Facebook community
  • Twitter account
  • Official blog
Don't get caught plagiarizing


What are the plans and features?

Grammarly has a free plan and a premium plan.

The Free Plan

  • Helps you determine the desired tone for your audience
  • Provides word suggestions to improve writing quality
  • Spelling alerts with recommendations
  • Grammar alert

The Premium Plan

  • Provides performance error alerts and recommendations
  • Provides spelling error alerts and recommendations
  • Allows you to set audience goals
  • Notifies you of your writing’s clarity
  • Variety and the vocabulary verification
  • Built-in Plagiarism checker
  • Plus the option to contact a human proofreader (I have not tried this function)
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Why invest in Grammarly?

Early on I realized I needed a better, more professional writing tool. By better, I mean I was looking for something that would be simple to use, provide little distraction, and offer time-saving. Also, I needed a page that would save even if I forgot to hit the save button. Plus, it needed to be free. Grammarly fit the bill. What I didn’t anticipate was that a month later I would happily purchase the premium version and suggest it to my family and friends. That would never have happened if I hadn’t recognized Grammarly’s value to my business.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.


Why you’ll be a big Grammarly fan, like me, and why I’m sure of that.

I use Grammarly for writing emails, blog entries, pitches, and more. From my experience, I can say my grammar has improved. My home life’s benefiting, too. Recently my children have used Grammarly to check if they are completing their grammar homework correctly. It’s great to see them do the work and then go over it and learn. Like I said earlier, Grammarly can be used to improve your work/home balance. Once you start incorporating it into your business and home life, you’ll understand how helpful and simple Grammarly is to use.