Is it time to outsource your Pinterest marketing?

For Your Business

Who is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) is a Pinterest Marketer. A PVA engages Pinterest users (pinners) with the goal of using Pinterest’s unique visual search engine to help grow an online presence, service, e-commerce shop or brick and mortar store.

Why your business needs to be on Pinterest?

Pinterest Fact #1

Pinterest is gaining marketshare as a referal trafficsource (i.e. Pinterest is sending more traffic while other social media sites are sending less!)


Pinterest Fact #2

There are Over 200 Million Users on Pinterest now!


Pinterest Fact #3

 90% of user say that Pinterest helps them decide what to buy


Pinterest Fact #4

67% of users use Pinterest while shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. 


Pinterest Fact #5

73% of users have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest


Pinterest Fact #6

70% Discover New Products by browsing on Pinterest



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Any business not on Pinterest is missing out big time!

What will a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do for your business?

Many business owners strive to wear all the hats in their business.

But you can’t stack hats forever.

There comes a point when all those hats are going to crash down.

Because you…

  • hit a roadblock where you don’t know how to do _______

  • you don’t have time to do _______

  • you simply hate doing ______

  • or you aren’t seeing results for ______


Your either crash or get help.

If you have the right help there is plenty of room to thrive.

And that’s where I step in.

Meet Cristina

Hello there!

I’m here to help you with your Pinterest related marketing.

With well-placed visuals, Pinterest SEO, and organization you can see some results in your Pinterest marketing (and that’s not even including careful strategic implementation of other crucial techniques)!

I had a Pinterest account for many years, and I already loved Pinterest. Creating helpful boards and visuals was something I was already doing.

After careful consideration, I enrolled myself in the premier and most extensive Pinterest Virtual Assistant course, Become a Pinterest VA Today. 

I continue to devour books, articles, networks, and classes to stay current on Pinterest’s best practices.

I’m committed to improving my skills for the success of your business because I know you take your business seriously. 



Account Set-up
  • Pinterest
  • Tailwind
  • Create a New account
  • Convert an Existing account


  • Pinterest
  • Tailwind


  • Tailwind without Smart-loop
  • Tailwind  with Smart-loop
  • Pin scheduling formula


  • Pinterest Group Boards
  • Tailwind Tribes
  • Facebook Groups


  • Pin Design


Let’s Work Together!

Case Study

Activity- Month 1

People You Reach- Month 1

Pinterest Profile-Month 1

Account Stats- Month 4

Let’s Work Together!

Pins Before and After


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