You must be curious about how to journal at night. The great news is that journaling before bed or in bed is effortless. Either way, get comfy and pull out your journal. If you aren’t sure how to do journaling before bed, no worries, I’ve got you covered with awesome bedtime journal prompts. Put pen to paper and let go of any preconceived ideas and start writing.

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journal at night before bed

Journaling Before Bed

The benefits of journaling before bed are surprising.
Start journaling around 5 minutes before bed.
Breathe deeply in and out.
Sit in a chair and use mindfulness techniques to become more present in your life.

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Journal at night in bed

Journaling In Bed

Another way to journal at night is to journal while in bed.
It helps to keep your journal and a pen by your bedside.
Take your most comfortable blanket and wrap yourself in it for some added relaxation.
Maybe don’t put your head on your pillow or you might fall asleep.

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what to write in your journal at night

What to Write in Your Journal At Night

You can journal to vent everything that happened earlier in the day.
You can journal about any old business or worries that you haven’t yet let go.
Do you have anything to do for tomorrow? Make a to-do list.
You can use this to stay true to your thoughts and feelings.
You can double check that you are staying true to your values.

How to Journal at Night: FREE Journal Prompts
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If you aren’t sure what to write about the prompts, take that stress away. Now that you know how to journal at night get your bedtime journal prompts and starts journaling tonight.

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