What is an ambivert personality?

The ambivert is a multifaceted personality that combines both the benefits and detractions of the introvert and extravert personalities. It would seem like introverted and extraverted traits would be a 50/50 split within the ambivert personality. However, that is not the case. How ambiversion shows, itself is much more fluid. No two ambiverts experience their traits in the same way, so there is more of uniqueness to this personality.

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Create Your Own Magic Journal for Ambivert Personality

The benefits of ambiverts journaling

Through the reflective aspects of journaling, the introverted tendencies of an ambivert have acknowledgment. The inner world is allowed to be through the flow of the pen. Thoughts and feelings that may be at times challenging to express can be released and even shared. The other side of journaling is goal planning and detailing experiences and senses within the outer world. Journaling can benefit the ambivert by chronicling the inner and outer journey of the ambivert.

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The downside of ambiverts journaling

Journaling at times can be tedious for the ambivert personality. At times, you are going to feel like it’s a waste of your time. You aren’t going to be interested in chronicling your journey because you are going to be too busy living and experiencing your life. You may not feel the need to slow down and share all the details. It’s also not surprising that your inner world isn’t as much of a focus at times.

Create Your Own Magic Journal for Ambiverts

Ideas on how to integrate journaling into your life

In periods of introspection, you can use a journal to chronical your thoughts and feelings. During less introspective times you can keep up with your journal be keeping less detailed plans, goals, or lists. Check in periodically with a brief update and a brief outline of where you’d like to be. Doing it this way will keep a lot of pressure off of you but still allow you the ability to keep up and check in. Checking in might be of more interest when you are going through a more introverted period. You’ll be able to keep up with your journey and know where you’ve been and have an idea where you are going without any confusing gaps.

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How to start a journal

Since every ambivert is different, you have many exciting possibilities on how you may choose to keep a journal. You may choose traditional or untraditional journal keeping. If you decide to keep a more conventional journal you can write down your thoughts and feelings when you are going through more introspective periods. A more untraditional journal style may include keeping a digital journal through a typing program, maintaining voice recordings, or keeping a video diary.

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Is journaling right for you?

Your ambivert personality is unique. At some times your life’s journey will demand periods of introversion. At other times experiencing and being part of the world will be enough. Either way, keeping tabs on thoughts, feelings, experiences, plans, lists, and goals will help you along the way. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal; you can try more traditional or untraditional styles to see which is the best fit for you. Have you kept a journal before or do you plan to start?

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