Let me repeat that.

Your business doesn’t need Pinterest.

Except you don’t believe me. What I’m saying is contrary to everything you’ve heard.  You’re probably thinking I’m crazy. 

You heard that by not using Pinterest marketing strategies you are losing leads that turn potential customers into first-time customers, into repeat customers.

Your gut instinct is right.

If you’re in business now or anticipate starting soon, you need to be on Pinterest. 

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But, why does your business need Pinterest?


That’s right Pinterest is an excellent way to get traffic to your e-commerce site, blog, landing page, or even your brick-and-mortar location. Pinterest has over 200 million visitors a month. Don’t believe me? Check out what Pinterest’s official stats have to say. 

Who are Pinterest’s Users?

Pinterest users (pinners) plan for their lives. Pins can inspire users to make purchases based on eye-catching visuals that coordinate with their important plans. An interesting pin can motivate a pinner to make an unplanned purchase. 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

What kind of pins make sales?

Pins that make sales add value. An attractive pin can potentially lead to a sale. But, it’s not just about looks. Pinners are looking for something new and exciting. They are looking for pins that inspire, motivate and move them into action.

How do I get my pins seen?

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  • You can choose to pin manually, which requires you to be active on Pinterest for long periods of time to pin consistently. 
  • A much better method is to use a scheduling tool like Tailwind. With a scheduling tool, you can reduce your time online. It helps you distribute your content at the best hours for your audience’s engagement.
  • You can even hire a virtual assistant specializing in Pinterest to pin for you. A Pinterest Virtual Assistant can optimize your business account, link it to Tailwind, create pin images and descriptions, can join group boards and Tailwind tribes, add keywords and more.

What’s Stopping you?

Is it because you don’t have a clear strategy? Is it because you have tried Pinterest for your business and you need help? Could it be because you just don’t have the time? Maybe it’s time to hire a Pinterest VA because nothing should stop you.

Pinnable Image of Why Your Business Doesn't Need Pinterest Marketing